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A conceptual design project pitch for the on innovative solutions and creative problem-solving. 
Sac State's Festival of New American Music, often abbreviated as FeNAM, is an annual event hosted by California State University, Sacramento. This festival celebrates contemporary American music by featuring performances from a diverse range of musicians, composers, and ensembles. The festival includes concerts, lectures, masterclasses, and workshops, offering a platform for new and innovative works by American composers. It aims to promote and support the creation and appreciation of contemporary music within the university and the broader community. Much of the improvised performances illustrate stories that listeners could listen to and follow emotionally as energies travel through sound. To visualize this emotional experience, close-up imagery of hands were used to simulate body language that a viewer could experience, especially tension and ease. The hands also depict the positioning of some musicians holding their instruments such as a trumpet or violin. The more relaxed hand appears smooth in texture and vibrant in color, whereas the more tense hand appears rough in texture and darker in lighting. The blanket of mist represents the atmospheric experience of being immersed in music.
The color palette was inspired by the sound produced by featured artists, Earplay. The dark violet color was used as the background to create an ominous and cool atmosphere.  Afloat in the foreground is a wave of vibrant yellow and magenta fog to mix in excitement and contrast.
The website design maintains a simple layout to allow for a smooth and easy user navigation. To avoid clashing colors between the background and imagery and enhance uniformity, I adjusted all foreground imagery to black and white.