Project: Concert Promo | Illustration
Client: UNIQUE @ California State University, Sacramento
Big Sticky Mess' funk music is alive with storytelling and great vibes! While brainstorming for possible design directions, I was viewing their past performance advertisements while also listening to their new music in the background. A similarity I found between their ads and music involved galactic space vibes. For this, I based the illustration off one of their recent songs that best represents their upcoming performance. In their latest album titled Moon Juice, the song "Jam City" repeats the lyrics:
"Picture a whole world made of music / It takes a flying machine to get to it / Picture a whole town that is getting down / It makes you feel so good when you hear the sound / At Jam City"
I translated these lyrics into illustrations using Sacramento landmarks as the Sac community gathers in town to get down to a Big Sticky Mess concert!