Project: Concert Promo | Illustration
Client: UNIQUE @ California State University, Sacramento
Mexican Independence Day dates back to September 16, 1810 when Father Miguel Hidalgo y Costilla took up arms and led locals of small town Dolores into war against Spain to fight for their freedom. It was his famous battle cry that labeled the celebratory event El Grito! (The Cry!)
Upon researching past Sacramento Mexican cultural event posters, works by the Royal Chicano Air Force (RCAF) art collective inspired the typographic treatment of sharp serifs on bold/blocky characters for it is very much a Latin style to use bold and sharp text. 
The framework pattern is composed of miniature guitars arranged to mimic the textile stitching found on musical performance clothing that many Latin bands wear (mostly mariachi trajes). Specific instruments were illustrated to represent the sound performed at the concert: lively, festive, and upbeat banda music. Poster variations display the instruments interacting with the band names to create a sense of movement and sound through visualized sound waves of the horn or bouncing of the drum beat. Colors from Mexico's national flag were used to emphasize the ever-growing pride. El Grito! helps all to remember, reflect, and grow.

The rose and "S" on the guitar represents the late Selena Quintanilla Pérez since Los Bidis is a Selena Tribute Band.

The complimentary red and green colors mixed with a contrasting shade of white acts as an attention grabber to drivers and pedestrians that pass by marquee signage.
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