Project: Branding | Wayfinding | Animation
A conceptual design project focused on innovative solutions and creative problem-solving.
The project goal was to develop the branding, wayfinding, and motion design for a potential campus tlocated in the heart of Downtown Sacramento, CA. Upon completion of each phase, knowledge was acquired on topics such as design systems, user experience, signage navigation, and animation. 
Herky House is a proposed multi-use campus that includes various amenities such as studio spaces, commercial shopping, a fitness center, a community theater, and a residential community. The campus intends for local artists of all mediums to come together under one roof and showcase to the city and world what Sacramento is made of.
The campus layout is organized by color-coded districts where each amenity can be located. The naming convention of each district correspond to the names of significant Sacramento-made artists that excel in that field of work. (Learn more of the connections and history of each artist below in the amenities section.) The color conventions within the parking structure also indicate where elevators and staircases lead to the promenade above.
Both a light and dark variation of the logo were created to best adapt to different light modes when viewed on digital displays. A contrasting logo and typeface represent the unity amongst diverse cultures within the local Sacramento art community.