Project: Concert Promo | Illustration
Client: UNIQUE @ California State University, Sacramento
Hip hop artist, poet, writer Mr. Hooper holds Sacramento pride close to his heart and represents it where ever he travels. For this, I found it most appropriate to design this campaign in a clean street style that shouts out famous Sacramento landmark — Tower Bridge. Like Tower Bridge, Mr. Hooper bridges communities together to share the art of Hip Hop. 
Much inspiration was found within Mr. Hooper's past musical lyrics such as those in his song "Nine One Six" (2014). The graffiti used as background texture reads "Do you hear me clearly?" which is a repeated line throughout the song. His website's shop page features a unique 916 logo that he mixes into apparel and merchandise. As a nod to both his branding and Sacramento pride, the same 916 logo is placed on both a character's shirt as well as more background graffiti texture. The character silhouette sitting on top of Tower Bridge represents Mr. Hooper making his way up top of the Sacramento Hip Hop game. 
Type was treated with a san-serif typeface so that type could fit legibly within the rectangular street signs..
The microphone illustration symbolizes Mr. Hooper's musical and poetic talents, while also announcing additional event details.
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