Project: Exhibition Design
A conceptual design project focused on creative storytelling through immersive experiences.
As part of Herky House’s grand opening, the Thiebaud Galleria opened their doors for the public to celebrate artists rooted in Sacramento, California. Exhibition “Sac Routes” places spotlight on five historic icons, Wayne Thiebaud, Joan Didion, Lester Holt, David Garibaldi, and Ryan Coogler have all sprouted into world-renowned icons who all share routes derived from Sacramento's arts and entertainment industry. The message being shared to guests is that Sacramento holds opportunity across all mediums in the arts and entertainment industry. The exhibition displays the backgrounds of each featured artists such as their childhoods and education. Interactive displays of studio spaces are implemented within each exhibit room to allow guests to fully immerse themselves into different creative environments. 
The visual identity for the exhibition adheres to the Herky House campus brand guidelines. Marketing for the gallery includes bus stop signage, billboard signage, and promotional banners. Interior wayfinding follows a connecting experience as light-rail routes are painted onto the hallway floor, leading to each artist's designated exhibit room. 
Studiers - Left: Studiers take their time to closely examine each piece to get the most out of the gallery experience.
Strollers - Middle: Strollers casually walk through the entire gallery and browse freely without paying too much attention to detail.
Streakers - Right: Streakers speed run through the gallery making use of the full hallway that cuts through all exhibit rooms.
An object list is designed to identify the dimensions, artist details, and location of each artifact on display. Each object has a key code that can be referenced to on the floorplan map. This helps organizers understand the precise location to mount or display each piece.
Like Herky House's color-coded districts, each exhibit room contains furniture and lighting corresponding to their district color.
Each room contains an interactive exhibit that pertains to the respective artist's professional studio.
Floorplan prototypes allow for physical observation and scale experiments