Project: Gallery Design | Compositing
Client: University Union Gallery @ California State University, Sacramento
The University Union's annual Student Purchase Award Show showcases the multi-media arts created by Sac State students. This is the gallery following the previous Call For Artists campaign, which invites artists to submit their works. Where the previous campaign portrayed the individual artists in their practice of art, this campaign then portrays them interacting in the Sac State community. To accomplish this, I composited various images of campus buildings mixed with stock imagery of statues holding instruments of various art forms. This includes a statue of Greek god Hermes sitting atop Mariposa Hall with a camera and tripod as if he is surveying the land. Another includes great philosopher Plato holding knitting needles as a ball of yarn replaces the Tschannen Hall planetarium. The visual identity of this campaign is an inverted version of the Call For Artist campaign to connect both systems through shared typography, color, and forms. This creates a sense of familiarity to the audience who may recognize the shared aspects and theme borrowed from the previous campaign.
The motion design was kept as a simple transitional slides to make a clear read of important dates and gallery info.
University Union Gallery, 2nd Floor, Sacramento State, 6000 J Street
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