Project: Logo Design | Branding
Client: The WELL @ California State University, Sacramento
The Pop Up Fitness Experience is a new reoccurring event hosted by The WELL at Sac State aiming to connect students with professional trainers. The Pop Up invites students to participate in quick fitness challenges for rewards and provides mini workout presentation demonstrated by the fitness trainers.
The brand's target audience is inclusive of students of all fitness levels. The Pop Up promotes challenges to engage more people into healthy lifestyles. Still maintaining the bold and exciting presentation, orange (contrasted with gray) is used as a hot attention grabber without being too red and aggressive.
Examples of reference notes and mockups for print operator. One version is a two-tone print, while the other is black and white for cost efficiency.
Using Procreate on my iPad Pro, I digitally painted a pair of exercise shoes that read "FITNESS IS LIFE" on the sides. The complementary blue and orange truly do POP in this sticker as the white lettering adds more punch. The little arrow shoe tag refers to the arrow symbol from the logotype. Hidden is the city name Sac for "SAC STATE".
An interchangeable template was created to maintain consistency across all tutorial collateral.
These photos provided by The WELL marketing team.