Project: Gallery Design | Craft
Client: University Union Gallery @ California State University, Sacramento
The Visiting Artists campaign aims to inform viewers of upcoming gallery exhibits coming to The University Union's Gallery during the 2024 Spring semester. I designed this campaign borrowing elements from interfaces of editing software to represent the evolution from traditional craft to digital compositing. I juxtaposed photography of a hand crafted light sculpture with the digital layout to unite both the physical and digital worlds of art and design. The light sculpture was made by engraving type into plexiglass that later was warped with a heat gun. Adding an LED base to the plexiglass cause all engravings and edges to glow. I photographed the sculpture and manipulated gradient colors to display the primary colors: red, yellow, and blue. These three colors are the recipe to create all other colors on the visible spectrum, including the works of our upcoming visiting artists!
After engraving the design onto plexiglass, a heat gun was used to bend and warp the glass into wavy forms. Equipment used include the Cricut Explore 3 for engraving, and clamps, goggles, and gloves for safety when handling the heat gun.
By overlapping the warped plexiglass with a flat version, organic and geometric shapes blend together in unique ways.
Z-Fold brochure that can be taken home as a foldable poster on one side, and gallery info on the other.
An A-frame outside the University Union and a lobby display poster located on the first floor.
Banners located on the 2nd floor entrance to the University Union Gallery.
Social media feed and story graphics.