Project: Gallery Design | Compositing
Client: University Union Gallery @ California State University, Sacramento
Call For Artists is an invitation for Sac State student artists to submit their artwork into the University Union's annual Student Purchase Award Show in the 2nd Floor Gallery. This is part of a two-part campaign that shines light on various art forms (art, music, photography, dance, textile, theater) that unite the Sac State art community. While researching for this campaign, I notice that past advertisements for this event targeted mostly traditional artists with paint on canvas. I found it important to welcome all forms of arts rather than inviting only one type of artist. With this in mind, I dedicated each collateral to showcase a different art form to invite new arts into our gallery. I interpret these forms through photoshopped compositions of classic sculptures interacting with tools of art such as brushes, a microphone, a camera, ribbon, yarn, and a mask.
The animation for this campaign emphasizes the unity of artists as all colors merge under one title.
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